Jan St Werner Glossal Wolpertinger CD-R.

€12 including worldwide shipping. Paypal to infinitegreyscale@gmail.com

A brand new 27 minute composition from the legendary Jan St Werner. Made for by the Infinite Greyscale label for a live event in Berlin, December 2016. White CD-R with stamped date, white screen-printed cover on black card sleeve. Printed insert. Not a numbered edition, but we only made around 30 of these.




Last few copies of Mouse on Mars, Lichter. 22 Euro including world wide shipping. Paypal to infinitegreyscale@gmail.com

To pay with a credit card please visit the Farbvision shop.

(for bulk orders: all records €18. Shipping for 1 or 2 records is €4. 3 or 4 records is €7. Or just email us).

IGR10 package

IGR10 b-side

(video by Paul McDevitt & Jamie Lemoine)

“…a 13-minute exploration of motorik, industrial groove and percussive jazzwise improvisation that could slay the most experimental of dance floors.” The Vinyl Factory

“The piece’s scaffolding consists of insistent strobing pulses and sharp metallics… Lichter whirls fragments of rubbery, limber texture into a circular spray… Technology gone wild.” Uncut

“Opening in krautrock mode, the pulsating behemoth gradually gathers steam, building on its initial lurch with layers of metallic noise and synthetic treatments, and deftly shape-shifting at strategic junctures without ever losing momentum.” Textura

“Mouse on Mars at their most beat-oriented… weird and rhythmic and textural.” Philip Sherborne, Line Noise Podcast

“…reaches a level of multi-layered, post-chaotic abstraction that will surely please not only the band’s most dedicated followers but also those still loving the hollow, muffled and slowed down breakbeats of the NYC Illbient scene ca. the late 90s. Thrilling stuff.” NiteStylez

“Listen to the layers of the recording, or marvel at the use of stereo effects in the final minutes.  Then realize that the composition is the result of improvisation gone wild, then reeled in like a feisty fish.” A Closer Listen

“MoM trim back on their ADD tendencies to focus on more rolling, tensile electro-acoustic dub animations in the first of a new series.” Boomkat

Still available: The Beacon Sound Choir

IGR09 package

Out now, pressed to gold vinyl with black screen print on the b-side: Sunday Morning Drones by The Beacon Sound Choir (IGR09). Two tracks of improvised vocal drone by over 30 performers, lead by Peter Broderick. We’re incredibly excited about this very special release. Check out the sample below. You can order from us for €22 (including world wide shipping). Drop us a line: infinitegreyscale@gmail.com

“…like no choir rehearsal you’ve ever heard… It’s a reminder of the power of community: not only of voice, but of acceptance… This is an exquisite release for the ears, the eyes and skin.” A Closer Listen

“These are perfectly imperfect compositions; professionals and non-musical types choose a deeply emotional and spiritual medium of choir (to many in our society, at least) for the non-religious purposes of drone exploration. It’s traditional and it’s subversive. It’s gorgeous.” Decoder Magazine

“Two powerful and touching creations based exclusively on the human voice… which will be loved by art headz and fans of rare or leftfield musical goods alike and validates Infinite Greyscale’s position amongst some of the most exciting and collectible contemporary vinyl imprints for a reason.” NiteStylez

“Two subtly processed and flowing topographies of communal vocals, rising and falling together in creamy harmony… the kind of studied compositional nuance you’d expect from anything Peter Broderick is involved with.” Boomkat

“Is there any artist who attends more closely to his muse than Peter Broderick? Where it leads, he determinedly follows… the two settings highlight the harmonic effects that occur when multiple voices sing together at varying pitches and, while not atonal, the drones exude an almost Ligeti-like quality when the pitches butt up against one another so unpredictably.” Textura

IGR08 Markus Oehlen Wanne 4:printed 10″ mint green with two digital bonus tracks. (€18,-)

IGR08 package

Markus also made a very special edition of 29 screen prints for us on top of the original cover artwork. They are beautifully done, indiviually numbered and signed by the artist and available through us (€ 75,-).

markus limited edition

“A fascinating release both for lovers of the eclectic side of leftfield Techno & House only played out by DJs to well-educated, advanced audiences that really understand the true depth and history of the genre but also a recommended and hand-numbered gem for lovers of non-conformist, unique sonic journeys. Get.” Nitestylez

“A wonky, genre-transcending slice of instrumental techno, “Wanne 4” opens in Afrobeat mode with a free-floating blend of scratchy guitar riffing, 4/4 kick drums, and generous dollops of percussive detail. The ten-minute running time gives Oehlen ample time to work multiple change-ups into its design while at the same time keeping the steady pulse in place as an anchor. Breakdowns and buildups of differing kinds transpire, after which a jubilant finale kicks into gear, with guitar strums and a left-field clarinet cameo bringing it home—it’s a weird one for sure.” Textura

IGR07 Erik Bünger with Jan-Filip Ťupa The Empire Never Ended.

Erik Bünger’s interpretation of a 1948 occult recording found by researcher Thomas Knoefel in the Society for Psychical Research archive in London. Performed by Jan-Filip Ťupa on cello. Backwards cut 10″white vinyl with screenprinted b-side.

€18 + €4 international shipping. Drop us an email to grab a copy, or simply PayPal: infinitegreyscale@gmail.com


IGR07 package

“This is perhaps the strangest thing, vinyl-wise, I’ve ever come across…” SlyVinyl

“This is spectacular. In every way.” SoundOfMusic.nu

“Most unsettling record of the week award goes to Erik Bünger and Jan-Filip Tupa with ‘The Empire Never Ended’ for the excellent Infinite Greyscale series … Aside from an impressive display of technical control, the results are sh*t-the-bed scary, dealing in an occult power which forces us to admit the presence of a energy beyond which we have no true conception, and which intrigues us even more.” Boomkat

“…we do not know the content of what Bünger and Ťupa are channeling. They play a dangerous game. The recording is like a mysterious box discovered in the depths of a cave, adorned with Rune engravings, opened for the first time in centuries. What demons awaken themselves within this musical exercise?” Attn:Magazine

“A fascinating, yet alien’esque and pretty unpredictable musical stakkato, discontinued by intense respiratory sounds and obscured by crackles of the original recording, with vocals and syllables balancing between agitation and uproar whilst sometimes even resembling shamanic chants speaking of unknown mysteries and intelligence…” NiteStylez

IGR06 Anduin Last Days of Montrose House. Screen printed 10″, brown vinyl out January 23rd. Digital download includes seven bonus remixes – almost an hour of new music.

IGR06 package

“Over the course of its episodic run, ghoulish sounds creep and slither across the eerily suggestive piece’s skeleton, low-pitched synth chords swell to monstrous proportions, and bass drums and footsteps loudly punctuate the haunted space. A sense of dread seeps into every pitch-black corner, making Last Days of Montrose House one of the most evocative and macabre Anduin pieces on record.” Textura

“Resembling Dark / Death Ambient with a twist that will surely appeal to admirers of projects as legendary as Kallabris but coming across serving an ever morphing, constantly changing perspective on tone and athmosphere going from calm and harmonic into more dark and threatening territories whilst catering non-dancefloor crowds with slow, heavy and highly compressed beat structures before a short innocent breakdown reminisces of fairies and other magical creatures that are – in the further progress of the tune – accompanied by highly digital swamp sounds and haunting, unspecified animal calls appearing somewhere in the very background. A surely interesting and well-fascinating journey for all lovers of Deep Listening Music.” NiteStylez

“Infinite Greyscale is one of our favorite labels, known for releasing quality 10″ records, only a handful each year.  They’ve upped their game in 2015, as Anduin‘s Last Days of Montrose House is paired with a digital package of seven remixes from artists including Elian, Radere and Stephen Vitiello.  It’s a generous move that essentially turns an EP into an album. The original, however, is the best.  This is a compliment to the artist, as the guests are of such high pedigree one might expect them to challenge the composer for the title.  But wow, what a track.” A Closer Listen

 “2011’s Stolen Years was a seductively easy album to get lost in, but this latest 10-minute cut, “Last Days of Montrose House,” is more of a tricky beast, though no less evocative. Of all of Lee’s music it hews closest to his work as installation artist, an unpredictable amalgam of electronics and field recordings that capture the ethereal mood of interior spaces, a revolving door into chambers haunted by the interference of ghosts and memory. The full 10-inch also includes remixes by a whole host of artists including Stephen Vitiello, whose excellent take imbues the track with an awesomely off-kilter techno throb.” AdHoc

“After several outings on Richmond Tape Club, the enigmatic Anduin lands on Infinite Greyscale with a rather handsome remix package. His “Last Days Of Montrose House” track – a sparse, airy, beat-driven and drone-fuelled affair – is revamped by the likes of Stephen Vitiello, who throws in a 4/4 kick and makes things relatively more stable (but nonetheless abstract) and Radere with a power electronics version among others. Elian’s take is our pick, a stunning whirlpool of dicing electronics and humming, ominous drones. A gloriously forward-thinking release.” Juno

“Jonathan Lee’s Last Days of Montrose House only clocks in at a little over ten minutes, but you get seven remixes along with it so you’re getting your money’s worth. As another selling point, this was mastered by Rashad Becker whose name I only expect to see more and more on album credits. Infinite Greyscale likens this record to “entering a long abandoned building,” which my mind went straight to upon listening to this. I’d like to think this building’s got a blizzard pounding outside its walls, along with graffiti and rubble as far as the eye can see. It’s like Last Days of Montrose House gives voice to the spirits that vanished from this place…” Sly Vinyl

“Desde que arranca el disco los sonidos de objetos, de un proyector de películas se van traslapando unos con otros, mientras una línea ambiental de fondo como parte de un diseño sonoro va dejando paso a nuevas capas como los pasos de un caminante, ruidos retorcidos, cuyo telón de fondo emergen pulsantes líneas de bajo. Se trata de un viaje que mantiene al escucha inquieto dada las sombrías atmósferas que se entretejen.”  Loop.cl

“Last Days of Montrose House’ is an enveloping collage piece sweeping from diaphanous field recording textures to treacherous drones and semi-organic modular scree. It’s a welcome return from Anduin, whose series of LPs for SMTG Limited between 2009-2012 have aged beautifully. Check also for the rumbling, Gas-like ambient techno of Tag Cloud’s mix, and Radere’s deeply abstracted version.” Boomkat

IGR05 Stara Rzeka: Self titled 10″, dark green. An amazing composition, pressed to dark green vinyl with screen printed b-side. As always: handmade artwork, numbered edition of 300, includes printed liner notes, photograph, download code. Have a listen below.

€18 (+ €4 international shipping). Drop us a line: infinitegreyscale@gmail.com

IGR05 package

Dead memory of summer’s passion past.
Tears dropped, fluttering slowly to the earth …

“The solo project of Polish musician Kuba Ziołek (Old River) blends acoustic and electric guitar in a ruralist way, adding shortly arcing slivers of synth and gentle vocals. It makes me think of what early Six Organs might have been like if Chasny was modelling some of his textures on mid-period Moody Blues.” The Wire

“As the poem proceeds to wait for spring, Stara Rzeka (the village) waits (and works) for rejuvenation, Stara Rzeka (the artist) composes an ode to life, and “Stara Rzeka” (the track) blossoms and blooms, its latter half developing into a dense thicket of new growth.  The storm has passed, seared into the memories of all who experienced it.  But the storm is no longer their lead story; it’s just something that happened once upon a time, before the seeds, before the sprouts, before the children and the construction.  One day, it will simply be a story in a tree ring.  And a record is like a tree ring as well, especially a green record portraying a healthy tree.  The circle is now complete.” A Closer Listen

“Thank god I have this wonderful 10-inch…, silk-screened and ready to party whenever 12 units just won’t do it. The production is fabulous too, bolstered by a 45 RPM clip and low end that creeps underneath softly, subtly creating a cocoon for the electronics to crawl around in. About halfway through an acoustic wash, complete with plaintive vocals, turns into a spider web that keeps expanding until the individual threads become too stretched out to trace. Enjoy getting lost in it too, a slow-motion waterslide that doesn’t stop until you’re dropped into liquid, calm, complete, and ready to take the ride again. The aforementioned packaging is as next-level as the audio, complete with a numbered insert, dark-green wax, a slick silk-screened Side B, and a few other fixin’s…” Tiny Mix Tapes

“Stara Rzeka goes from this very psychedelic take on folk to drone to space rock to this über bright explosion of ambience – like the ship Mr. Ziołek commandeered has officially taken off to be with the shining white specks in the sky we sometimes remember to gaze at in our overstimulated lives embedded in the blessing and curse we refer to as technology. This is something you put on to feel euphoric…” Sly Vinyl

“Powoli utwór mutuje w coś pomiędzy słodkim ambientem, muzyką filmową, a mesmeryczną psychodelią, którą kojarzy mi się z łąką wziętą z dziwnego snu. Autor inwokuje tu jakieś kosmiczne siły, które kumulują się w powolnym gitarowym drone, aż do granicy hałasu, po czym zanikają w radiowym szumie. Słuchacz pozostaje ostatecznie z otwartymi ustami, albo ze zdziwienia i zniechęcenia (wtedy są też skrzywione), albo z niemego zachwytu.” nocnyautobus

IGR05 b-side

IGR04 Holly Herndon – Body Sound SOLD OUT

IGR04 package

Body Sound by Holly Herndon. Handmade artwork, screen printed b-side on aqua-blue vinyl. Numbered edition of 300, includes printed liner notes, photograph, download code.

€18 plus shipping. Order from: infinitegreyscale@gmail.com

“Here, (Herndon) collaborates with choreographer Cuauhtemoc Peranda, recording the sound of his movements before reordering, amplifying and tweaking them into an abstracted but tantalisingly rhythmic piece of sound: a melodic squelch of skin on floor becomes a drum pattern, a dragged sole like a zipper opening up the track. … Herndon has made a piece that reminds us of the reality of the body in motion, in all its impetuousness, imperfection, loneliness and vitality – another standout work from a producer whose previous album was called, appropriately, Movement.” The Guardian

“There is a true sense of physicality in this music: Peranda’s slaps, footfalls, slides, and leaps all stand out as clear as firelight. Herndon surrounds these singularities in a swirling miasma of digital mist, creating an unexpected dichotomy, a unique sense of tension that is ultimately entrancing. Body Sound is a heroic effort…” Decoder Magazine

“Body Sound is bare feet, bare hands, bare breath, the performer baring it all.  Herndon’s arrangement allows the performance to imitate the skeleton of a song, with bass drum and synth noises intimated in the dance.  An excellent use of stereo effects makes the modified performance seem three-dimensional, as if the listener, with closed eyes, is following the choreographer across the floor.  The mastering is so crisp that one is swiftly reeled into the experience, invited to respond with whirls of one’s own. Body Sound is a true original, a pure vision brought to life.” A Closer Listen

“Body Sound is a unique duet between the corporeal and the computerised, a unique, abstracted expression of the relationship between digitised dynamics and physical movement which should spark the imagination of any forward-looking dance music fans and electronic connoisseurs.” Boomkat

“The piece is remarkably human for something so abstract and a truly singular work of art.” Bleep

“…it’s a wonderful thing, really, so it’s all the more exciting that Ms. Herndon’s new 10-inch, Body Sound, is coming out via Infinite Greyscale on July 17. It’s a single-sided baby blue 10-inch and boy is that single side purdy lookin’. In case you’re wondering…” Tiny Mixtapes

“Best Record Sleeves, July… Since Infinite Greyscale expanded from publishing books to pressing records, they’ve retained a sense of visual consistency by working exclusively with the same three artists on each of their projects, with Ulrich Schmidt-Novak responsible for the screen-printed B-side and Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck collaborating on the artwork. Their combined efforts for the label’s latest endeavour – Body Sound by the always excellent Holly Herndon – stand out for their own self-evident reasons.” Juno Plus

“Herndon places you as an observer to this intimate moment, where Peranda dances to an audience of one.” SlyVinyl

“One of the more refreshing voices in electronic music at the moment, Holly Herndon’s is a name we’re become increasingly familiar with as she finds innovative ways of exaggerating and expanding acoustic sounds through digital means. One side music/ one side screen print, her latest 10” is a beauty that brings the movement and breath of dancer Cauahtemoc Peranda to the forefront. The oft ignored and sonically omnipresent when magnified and twisted around Herndon’s sonic suggestions of a beat/shifting piston, become truly surreal. Highly recommended.” The Vinyl Factory

“For my money Herndon is one of the most exciting artists working in the realm of ‘experimental’ or ‘electronic’ music today and Body Sound keeps the pace… It’s mesmerizing and all-encompassing. Body Sound is a unique and vital entry in Herndon’s discography… her rise is still only in the early stages.” The Isolatarium


IGR03 Jan St. Werner – Split Animal Sculpture

IGR03 package

IGR 03 Split Animal Sculpture by Jan St. Werner is not now! 300 copies available…

€ 18 plus shipping. To order send an email to infinitegreyscale@gmail.com

“The more one plays the piece, the more one begins to discern patterns in what first seems random; a bit like the slow understanding of modern life, or one’s place in the world.” A Closer Listen

“Insanely gorgeous release… This package is a collector’s dream… The piece is utterly mesmerizing and a sheer delight to navigate.” Decoder Magazine

“Ineffably mesmeric, with sounds which seem to orbit incongruously but which somehow arrange themselves into a compelling system.” The Ransom Note

“It’s loopy and blurry and relaxing, a warm sleepy lull of wacked out synth drift.” Norman Records

“Eine elegische Stimmung stellt sich ein, kraftvoll reiben sich die Feedbacks in einer Art, die an das Streicheln einer etwas herben Großmutter erinnert: zärtlich, aber mit Schmirgelpapier. Dazu passt die Kirchenorgel, die sich als Fläche eingeschmuggelt hat. Spätestens ab der Mitte des etwas über elfminütigen Stücks taumelt man nur noch willenlos mit, gegen Ende schwebt man.” Intro Magazine

IGR01 Gabriel Saloman – Riots Don’t Just Happen  SOLD OUT

complete package

 “…brood and soar with a stately melancholy that sounds downright liturgical.” Line Out

“Saloman tempers and transposes the incendiary rage of Yellow Swans to a more sophisticated and theatrical appeal with a pensive arrangement sweeping from a mass of guitars which sound like distant horns to a wide-open panorama of low, scanning bass drone before a towering crest of feedback gives way and the damage is done.” Boomkat

“Here Saloman layers seductive guitar drones into a dark hovering fog with military drums increasing the tension until the grey clouds threaten to smother the listener into complete darkness but rising arcs of neoclassical strings ascend, puncturing with beams of bright light. The drums become increasingly frantic, rising into a crescendo and then the fog gently disperses. Yeah it’s just a single track but it’s really all you need.” Norman Records

“The military drums that launch and close the track echo those found on 2011′s Adhere. A brave touch is to introduce these drums for a second only before taking them away. One knows that they will return, but not when. This allows time for the drones to build and overlap, creating an anticipatory tension. When the elements unite at 3:39, their accumulated power threatens to overwhelm the grooves, but the needle never jumps out; the diamond tip is mesmerised.” A Closer Listen

IGR02  Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Requiem (for Violin and Magnetic Tape)  SOLD OUT

complete package

“The piece itself is simple and stunning, reminiscent of Basinski’s Disintegration Loops, a single melodic figure, repeated over and over, the tone and timbre constantly shifting, a sprawl of slow, soft swells, minor key and melancholy, tense, and dramatic and quite cinematic, a mesmerizing stretch of minimal mood music, that manages to be surprisingly sonically active, while at the same time, darkly tranquil and mesmerising.” Aquarius Records

“It’s an ostensibly static piece of keening hi-end violin pitches and barely-there but somehow nauseous low-end ferric presence all occurring in a gauzily mesmerising mid-ground. The label rightly describe its effect as “crepuscular”; it possesses a beguiling phosphorescent quality, like a flickering light at night.” Boomkat

“The loops seem to simultaneously push towards you and retreat building a mesmerising mournful ghostly sound. It’s a masterclass in repetition, darkness and subtlety. Highly recommended – Weep inducing heavy.” Norman Records

“The piece gains intensity as it progresses, rising and ultimately descending without giving any ground. Like its accompanying cover, it’s a twinned skeleton, strong enough to stand despite its apparent weight.” A Closer Listen


These are a series of 10″ records.  Each is pressed as a single-sided colour vinyl with a screen printed b-side. All artwork is handmade by Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck, and includes inserts and download code. Each printed in a numbered edition of 300.

Each record is: 18 Euros plus shipping.

(We will combine shipments if you buy more than one item)

To order from us send us an e-mail: infinitegreyscale@gmail.com

Records also available from these fine mail-order establishments: ANOST, A-Musik, Norman Records, Boomkat, SoundOhm, Forced Exposure, Experimedia

And proper shops such as Bis Auf’s Messer, Staalplaat, Motto, Image Movement (Berlin), A-Musik (Cologne), Art into Life (Japan), Plattfon Records (Basel), Monorail (Glasgow), Cafe Oto (London), The Gutter (Copenhagen), Amoeba Music (USA), etc.

Check out the samples!

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