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Some nice things being said about Jefre and Gabriel’s records.


A Closer Listen

Infinite Greyscale Books has just become Infinite Greyscale Books & Records, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. After a series of limited hand-made books over the past two years, the company has launched its music line with two beautiful single-sided 10″ records. The screen-printed b-sides (by Ulrich Schmidt-Novak) and spray paint/collage art (by Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck) make these vinyl releases true collectors’ items.

At least one other reviewer has written that these releases would be worth buying even without the music. Fortunately the music is up to the task. Whether fans come for the art and stay for the music or vice versa, we’re confident that they will get their money’s worth. Each of the recordings is a single eight-minute track, benefitting from the breadth of the wider grooves. They play quite well together, leading one to suspect an “Infinite Greyscale sound”, in this case a hybrid of modern composition and drone.

Neither artist is new; Gabriel Saloman comes from Yellow Swans, while Jefre Cantu-Ledesma is a member of Tarantel and The Alps. Their solo work continues threads woven by their bands, but is different enough to be distinctive. Saloman’s Riots Don’t Just Happen is as cinematic as the work of Yellow Swans, but the abrasive edges have been sloughed off. Some may conclude that this is natural for a work composed for a dance piece, but it is also indicative of Saloman’s direction since leaving the band. The military drums that launch and close the track echo those found on 2011′s Adhere. A brave touch is to introduce these drums for a second only before taking them away. One knows that they will return, but not when. This allows time for the drones to build and overlap, creating an anticipatory tension. When the elements unite at 3:39, their accumulated power threatens to overwhelm the grooves, but the needle never jumps out; the diamond tip is mesmerized.

The familiar post-rock tinges of Tarantel and psychedelic leanings of The Alps are all but absent from “Requiem”, as Cantu-Ledesma leans more in the direction of artists on his own Root Strata label (which – surprise! – released a Yellow Swans record in 2005). The full track title, “Requiem (for Violin & Magnetic Tape)” explains the contents, but not the way in which they are arranged: looped, layered, set against each other like opposing tears. The piece gains intensity as it progresses, rising and ultimately descending without giving any ground. Like its accompanying cover, it’s a twinned skeleton, strong enough to stand despite its apparent weight.

Infinite Greyscale is off to a great start with these two releases, and we expect a very positive reception; enough, we hope, for this pair of records to become the start of an ongoing series. (Richard Allen)


From Boomkat

Gabriel Saloman – Riots Don’t Just Happen

Former Yellow Swan Gabriel Saloman presents another beautifully dystopian composition for dance, nearly one year on from his elegantly sombre solo debut, ‘Adhere’. This time he’s soundtracking Daisy Karen Thompson’s choreography for ‘Riots Don’t Just Happen’, reflecting it’s themes of causality with a brooding mass of overcast drone precipitating massive battery of militant percussion. Meditating on a Martin Luther King statement, “Riot is the language of the unheard”, Saloman tempers and transposes the incendiary rage of Yellow Swans to a more sophisticated and theatrical appeal with a pensive arrangement sweeping from a mass of guitars which sound like distant horns to a wide-open panorama of low, scanning bass drone before a towering crest of feedback gives way and the damage is done. The impeccable mastering job by Rashad Becker no doubt enhances the visceral, vivid impact when it all comes crashing down, and the beautiful presentation by Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck’s Infinite Greyscale company is fittingly special.

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Requiem

Berlin publishing house, Infinite Greyscale present a beautiful 2nd issue courtesy of West Coast sorrow-monger, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma of Tarentel and The Alps. In key with their other releases this week – a 10″ by former Yellow Swan, Gabriel Saloman, the heavy-hearted ‘Requiem (for violin and magnetic tape)’ dredges up almost painfully powerful sentiments with a masterful appreciation of tone and shade. It’s an ostensibly static piece of keening hi-end violin pitches and barely-there but somehow nauseous low-end ferric presence all occurring in a gauzily mesmerising mid-ground. The label rightly describe its effect as “crepuscular”; it possesses a beguiling phosphorescent quality, like a flickering light at night. Again, the impeccable mastering by Rashad Becker heightens the suspense on many levels, and the artwork by McDevitt and Quabeck, and Ulrich Schmidt-Novak’s screenprint are a gorgeous addition to a lovely package


And from Norman Records

Gabriel Saloman – Riots Don’t Just Happen

8/10 according to our Ant on Thu 05 Sep, 2013.

This I believe is the first physical release from Gabriel Mindel Saloman since 2012’s Adhere LP on Miasmah. Gabriel was of course once a Yellow Swan. This, one might say is quite a Desirable artefact. A limited edition coloured vinyl 10” with one side of audio, namely the gorgeous ‘Riot’s Just Don’t Happen’ and a screen-printed B-side with download code in sleeve with hand-made artwork. The first release for new label Infinite Greyscale and the inaugural edition in a series of releases with the same format. The second release comes from none other than Jefre Cantu-Ledesma.

Gabriel Saloman heads deeper into terrain Yellow Swans threatened to go with their ahem… swan song final release ‘Going Places’ back in 2009. Here Saloman layers seductive guitar drones into a dark hovering fog with military drums increasing the tension until the grey clouds threaten to smother the listener into complete darkness but rising arcs of neoclassical strings ascend, puncturing with beams of bright light. The drums become increasingly frantic, rising into a crescendo and then the fog gently disperses. Yeah it’s just a single track but it’s really all you need. Concise but a great ride regardless., somewhere between Barn Owl and Vatican Shadow perhaps. Recommended.

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Requiem

9/10 according to our Ant on Fri 06 Sep, 2013.

Fledgeling label Infinite Grey drop the second edition in their fine one-sided/ screen printed 10” series with some top emotionally resonant string drone and  tape/ loop action from The Alps/ Tarentel geezer. The loops seem to simultaneously push towards you and retreat building a mesmerising mournful ghostly sound. It’s a masterclass in repetition, darkness and subtlety. Edition of 300 copies with hand-made artwork and download code. Highly recommended – Weep inducing heavy.


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